MIT campus map

The online campus map provides the MIT community and visitors with an easy-to-use way to locate an MIT building, room, or location; to find a department or office; and to print a map for reference.

The new online campus map, based on Google Maps, serves images in real time from the official MIT maps maintained by the Department of Facilities.

The campus map provides a searchable, graphic view of MIT as a colored plan or aerial view, as well as a set of downloadable maps for including the MIT map in your own electronic and print publications.

MIT Campus Spatial Data Info

The MIT Campus Map displays the following layers: MIT campus buildings, other buildings, greenspace, roads, major roads, road annotation, landmarks, railroads, sport facilities, courtyards, blocks, and parking lots. Please visit MIT Department of Facilities for more information.


The campus map is developed by the Department of Facilities and Information Services & Technology (IS&T), using the Google Maps API.

The campus map is made possible by the joint effort of the following people:

  • Theresa Regan, Information Services & Technology (Sponsor)
  • Mark Silis, Information Services & Technology (Sponsor)
  • Michael Parkin, Department of Facilities (Manager, Drawing Information Systems)
  • William Witts, Department of Facilities (CAD/GIS Specialist, Drawing Information Systems)
  • Hubert Pham, Graduate Student (Project Management, Developer)
  • Huy Nguyen, Graduate Student (Developer)
  • Susan Curran, MIT Newsoffice (Editor)
  • Suzana Lisanti, HyperStudio (Unflagging Support)

Past Contributors

  • Alex Vandiver, MIT alumnus
  • Daniel Sheehan, Information Services & Technology
  • David Conlon, Information Services & Technology
  • Gordon Clark, Information Services & Technology
  • Greg Knight, Department of Facilities
  • Margaret Wong, Information Services & Technology
  • Tuan Phan, MIT alumnus

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