MIT campus map

Frequently Asked Questions & Common Concerns

Why isn't my MIT lab or department listed (correctly) on the map?

The MIT Campus Map team not only appreciates but relies on your help to keep the map up-to-date! If your lab or department is incorrectly listed, please send us a note.

I miss those funny messages! Where did they go? Please bring them back!

The messages are still there, but the new Google-based campus map generally loads quickly enough that you might not see them. Sorry, we miss seeing those messages, too—chalk it up to a modern sacrifice in the name of speed.

Example funny message

The buildings, labels, and street names are too small!

Try enlarging (zooming) the map, by either:
  • double-clicking on the map
  • using your mouse's scrollwheel, if applicable
  • using the zoom controls in the map's lower right.

How do I link to, share, or bookmark the map?

Click the Share link in the upper right corner of the map, which will reveal a URL that you can bookmark or share.

Screenshot of Share link

Is there a quick way to show a specific building?

How do I print the map?

Click the Print link in the upper right corner of the map, which reveals a printer-optimized version of the map.

Screenshot of Print link

Where are the building floorplans?

Unfortunately, building floorplans are not available at the current time.

Clicking on the map adds purple markers—but how do I remove them?

To remove the purple markers, either right-click on them (also control-click on an Apple Macintosh) or click the "Remove" link in the corresponding entry of the results pane.

Screenshot of Remove marker link

How do I save an image of the map (to incorporate into my document)?

Sorry, this isn't possible yet. For now, we recommend taking a screenshot or printing the map.

The map doesn't work well on my mobile phone!

The map is not yet designed for mobile devices—but the good news is that MIT's Mobile Web offers a mobile-friendly campus map.

The map doesn't work in my browser!

The map supports Mozilla Firefox 25+, Apple Safari 6+, Google Chrome 30+, and Microsoft Internet Explorer 8+. If you are using a supported browser and experience trouble, please let us know.

Wouldn't it be cool if the map incorporated ...?

Yes! We're a small team, but we're excited about the possibilities and working to develop new features. If you have a request, please send us a note!

I still have questions—how do I get in touch with you guys?

Please write to us by visiting

The MIT Campus Map team would like to thank you for your feedback. Since launch, we have considered and incorporated many of your excellent suggestions to improve the accuracy and quality of the map.

We would be delighted to hear your comments and suggestions. Please contact us at: